The Expressive Creatrix (and Hobbyist)

{April 22, 2011}   Spring: Things Are Feeling Fresh & New!

Well, not outside.  The weather we’ve been having of late certainly doesn’t feel like spring, and so far the cold temps and occasional snow (yes, snow – anything is possible in Minnesota) have prevented much freshness and newness from springing forth in nature.  Hopefully we’ll have green grass, buds on the trees and flowers soon.  The birds have returned, so those other things can’t be too far behind. 

Speaking of birds, and before I get too far into this, I must share.  I came upon a cute idea in a knitting book I was reading recently and gave it a try.  I took the scrap yarn (you know, the bits and pieces you snip here and there) from my last few projects and scattered it onto the bushes outside my house.  The idea is that the birds will pick up and use the scrap yarn in the building of their nest.  Wow!  I find that such a cool idea.  I love the fact that my yarn will be lining the birds’ nests, giving them a nice soft (not to mention brightly colored!) space to hatch and care for their babies.  I’ve been watching, but so far I haven’t seen a bird actually take any yarn.  I hope they are!  I’d love to catch of glimpse of one flying away with a brightly colored piece of yarn hanging from its beak!  If only the weather were nicer.  I’d sit in my front porch rocking chair, knitting in hand and keep an eye out for birds hovering near the bushes.

Okay, back to discussing where spring has actually sprung and what actually is feeling fresh and new in my life. 

 My hooping has once again renewed, revived and re-asserted itself in my psyche!  I have fallen in love again!  This second time around, I find it’s not the all-consuming love it was for the first several months I was hooping. It’s not obsession, but it’s still passion. There’s such a world of difference. 

I’ve been hooping regularly for the past week and a half.  Not every day but whenever the mood strikes and life allows.  I am relaxed with it.  I’m just flowing, not working on anything specific, and just being with the hoop.  I’m still borrowing heavily from Sandra  for ideas and have been using the combinations from class as a springboard.  I’m finding I’m combining them in unique ways and meandering from them into other things.  I just play and when I stumble on something or something catches my attention, I may stop and work on that one particular thing for a little while.  I never beat myself up.  If something isn’t going well, I don’t judge. I just move on to something else.  It’s like I’ve gone back to the basics a little bit.  It’s very comfortable, and I feel very at ease.  I find myself smiling during my session and getting lost from time to time just in the flow and dance of things.  It’s really fabulous!  What a great attitude to have as I approach my one year “hoopiversary!”  Shall I celebrate the day (April 30) in some special way?

In other hobby news, I just got off a dishcloth jag by finishing up three dishcloths for my mother as part of a birthday gift. (I’ll be posting pictures and details by Monday.) Okay, I love knitting dishcloths.  I really do.  I love how small and quick they are, and I love how they allow me to learn new patterns and techniques without the fear of messing up something big.  HOWEVER, these last three dishcloths kind of lost appeal for me.  I think it was the pressure of getting them done and knowing they were a gift, so I wanted them to be perfect.  One actually did turn out perfect (well, as close to perfect as something made by human hands can be); but I have some issues with the other two.  I’m a tad disappointed, but I know my sweet mother.  She will be overjoyed when I give them to her tonight at her birthday party.  She’s a sucker for homemade gifts, no matter what the skill level.  Gotta’ love Mom!

I have more dishcloths I want to make, and I actually need some myself, so I will get back to them.  For now, though, I need a break.  Earlier today I picked up my sock that I started a few weeks ago and I fell in love all over again!  I’m just learning to knit with DPNs, and I had forgotten how much I was enjoying them.  When I started working with them today, it came right back to me, and I was actually beaming while I was working with them!  Seriously.  How can something so simple make me so happy?  I think it’s the slight “trickyness” of DPNs. I feel somewhat proud that I’m able to work with them and that I no longer look like I’m wrestling a porcupine (although I think no one, no matter how experienced, ever looks truly graceful while using DPNs, but I could be wrong).  I love how delicate the needles are (well, they’re size 3s, which aren’t ultra delicate but compared to the straights I’ve mostly used to-date, these seem very small), and I like the lighter, thinner  DK weight yarn I’m using.  It’s just totally a pleasure to knit on this project.  I’m going to try to remember this feeling, as I strongly suspect that once I get through the “easy” part of the ankle section of the sock and have to tackle turning the heel, I might not have such a glowy, warm fuzzy feeling! 

That’s the place I’m at right now.  Total contentment with both the hoop and the yarn.  A second, more mellow but ultimately more fulfilling honeymoon if you will.  It truly feels like spring in my soul and things are fresh and new for me!  Looking forward to really blooming with both hobbies over the summer!


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