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{May 23, 2011}   Late May Projects

Wow, I’m really bad at blogging!  It’s been a long time.  I guess that’s okay.  Less time spent blogging and talking about my hobbies means more time to actually do them!  And I’ve definitely been doing some knitting.

I have summer on the brain, and so my current WIPs are summer items.  I wish the weather was more summer like.  This spring so far has proven to be wet, cool and dreary.  It’s so sad. However, I hold out hope that nice spring weather will turn up and stay any day now, gradually turning into the hot, steamy summer weather that I love. 

Currently on my needles –

Mock Cable Cami – I’ve actually been working on this since March, but I’ve had to frog it three times.  I’m finally on track with it, and am almost halfway through knitting the main body.  It’s a very simple tube, knitted in the round with a faux cable stitch, to which I will eventually attached crocheted straps.  I love the color, and the feel of the fabric is marvelous.  It’s very soft and, well, I hate to say “heavy” feeling, but it feels substantial. It’s not a light tank, yet it’s loosely knit and the yarn (Knit Picks Shine Worsted) is mostly cotton.  Here it is –

Here’s a close up, where you can see the mock ribbing –

Rococo Shawl – I think this shawl is stunning.  I hope mine turns out as well.  I’m using a gorgeous deep plum/purple yarn.  I completed the bottom ruffle this past weekend, and decreasing from the initial 432 stitches down to a more manageable 260-something is a relief!  It’s knitting up well, though, and I’m really excited to finish it. Here it is as of now –

The picture doesn’t do the color justice. Here’s a close up (which still doesn’t do the color justice) –

Sunday Market Shawl – And finally, a little shawl I casted on today.  I couldn’t resist.  The claret red Naturally Caron Country yarn has been calling to me, and this is such a summer shawl.  Very open and airy, more decorative than functional. 

Call me crazy for having three projects going at once, but I bet most knitters have been there, done that. I’m probably small potatoes only having three on the needles!  I just like the variety of having different projects to pick up and knit depending on my mood.  Besides, the Rococo is going to take me awhile, so the (semi) instant gratification of the quick Sunday Market appealed to me.

So, that’s where I’m at.  I’m feeling really good about my knitting.  I feel like I’m becoming more of a Knitter.  Yeah, with a capital “K.”  I’m starting to really understand what I’m doing.  My ability to “read” my knitting is increasing, as is my ability to fix mistakes as I make them.  It’s such a great process to really learn something.  When the light of comprehension dawns, it’s really cool.

I hope to be less long in posting my next progress report.  Now, if I could only find the time and motivation to really hit my hooping hard, life would be perfect!


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