The Expressive Creatrix (and Hobbyist)

{June 27, 2011}   Swirl Swatch Complete!

Last week I swatched for my Strata Sphere Swirl.  I started out with the recommended size US 7 needles, but after a few inches, a measurement indicated I needed to try going up a size.  So, a quick frog job, and I re-started with US 8s.  I made a pretty good-sized swatch, about 10″ wide by 9″ high. 

One thing to note – prior to wetting the swatch, my gauge was about 18½-19   stitches per 4″.  The pattern calls for a gauge of 17 stitches/4″.  Wetting and drying the swatch did cause a bit of bloom as my gauge measurement immediately post-blocking was 16-17 stitches/4″, depending where on the swatch I measured.  The 16 stitches/4″ was actually more common.  Uh, oh, being off by 1 stitch like that on a garment (especially one the size of a swirl) has the potential to be catastrophic.  I attributed that to the thick/thin nature of the Noro yarn.  I let the swatch sit over the weekend and thought about it.  Well, apparantly the yarn thought about it too!  Sometimes, with some time to just be, a yarn decides to cooperate.  When I measured the swatch again last night, I was pretty much spot on stitch gauge across the whole swatch.  It’s like the resting and possibly the absorption of some humidity from the air caused the stitches to expand a bit more and settle.  Something learned.

Casting on this evening!


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