The Expressive Creatrix (and Hobbyist)

So, what is this blog about anyway?  Mostly just me posting my random, rambling thoughts, but there is a theme.  Most definitely there is a theme, and that theme is creative endeavors.  Join me on my search to find, embrace and enjoy my creative self!  (There’s also a bit about my interests that aren’t necessarily creative in nature, but very much a part of me so topics I like to discuss.)

There’s been a creative person inside of me my whole life.  She has never been the dominant facet of my personality, but she’s there – always waiting, always wanting to bust free.  I’ve never ignored her.  In fact, I’ve acknowledged that she exists, and I’ve indulged her from time to time.  The trouble was, she always disappointed me.  I’ve never felt she was good enough to playing a starring role in the drama/comedy/thriller that is my life.  She’s always been something to be let out in small doses, something to shake my head at when she doesn’t live up to my expectations and then be shoved back down underneath the other aspects of me.

In retrospect, and what I’ve come to realize which is what prompted me to start this blog, maybe what’s happened is that I have been too hard on her.  Maybe by constantly squelching and berating her, she has become meek and submissive and succumbed to a defeatist attitude.

It’s time to let her run wild and sit back and observe without judgment and enjoy the ride!  What will my creative impulsive cause me to do next?  Stay tuned!


Deb B says:

Eager to participate vicariously in your creative journey. Go forth, run wild, and enjoy!!

Welcome, and thanks for joining me!

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