The Expressive Creatrix (and Hobbyist)

Here’s where I keep track of my exercising – when, where, how, why, how long, etc. 

Fitness goals for 2011 – As of right now, basically simple stuff.  Exercise almost every day with a good balance between cardio, strength training and stretching/yoga.  I think I will return for awhile in the new year to doing Leslie’s videos several days per week – maybe.  Yes, they get dull, but when I do them consistently, I lose a bit of weight.  I’d like to get back to the low end of my normal 8-pound weight range and stay there. I’d also like to get rid of some belly flab.  I’m thinking of trying the “Flat Belly Diet” early in the year, just to budge some pudge from my mid-section.  To keep Leslie interesting, I’ll do what I usually do and modify her sessions with weights, my hoop, etc.  Doing a Leslie workout with a hoola hoop really ups the ante, makes things interesting and makes me a better hooper!  By the way, don’t hold me to any of this. I’m highly susceptible to external and internal influence and often succumb to the desire to change.

January 2011

3rd – Cathe Friedrich’s Low Impact Circuit – partial as my DVD kept fritzing out – 50 min.

4th – Yoga Booty Ballet: AM Latté plus extra stretch on my own, 35 min.  Easy and fun!  Just what I wanted today!

5th – Sarah Ivanhoe’s On the Ball Yoga, 45.

6th – Burn Body Fat – 1-Mile (Leslie Sansone), 15.  (I’ve been suffering from an acid reflux flare up yesterday and this morning.  A mile with Leslie is all I could handle when I woke up with heartburn pain (it was a looooong night, and I was awake for much of it), but that 1 mile in 15 min. really made me feel better.  Sometimes just a bit of movement is all you need!)

7th – Namaste Yoga, Season 1, #1 Extended Warrior, 30 min.  Oooh, my first go at a Namaste Yoga.  I really liked it.  Just what I needed this morning!  Feeling better today!

8th – Karen Voight’s Slim Toning on a Ball, 30 min. (great workout and nice and short!) followed by Yoga Booty Ballet: Go-Go (fun!), 40 min.

10th – Petra Kolber’s Bootcamp Boogie, 65 min.  Great, fun cardio workout with some lower body toning side bennies. 

11th – Shovel Max!  LOL!  Scott has been feeling a bit punk with a chest cold, so I thought I’d help him with the snow removal today instead of doing an workout.  Shoveling IS a workout!  Plus, it was a beautiful morning.  Not too cold, no wind, some snow still lightly falling.  It was a great opportunity to get outside, get some fresh air and exercise and do something nice for my husband!  He used the snowblower on the driveway, and I shoveled the sidewalk, side steps and porch.  I attempted the front sidewalk, but the snow was deep, really blown over and packed in.  Brute strength was required, so I left it for Scott.

12th – Leslie Sansone’s 3 Fast Miles, 45.  No weights or anything, just 45 min. of steady state cardio.  I did bust out my hoop for a bit during the last mile.  Using the hoop with Leslie is so fun. I really must post about it soon.

13th (SI6: Week 1, Day 1) – I have officially started my Slim In Six rotation.  I need a “system” to get me back on track!  Goals are: all over tightening and toning, loss of the bit of cellulite that has crept back onto my thighs, loss of some belly pudge and some overall slimming. I’m not going to go by the scale, but it wouldn’t hurt my feeling to drop 8-10 lbs.  I’ve been in the “high” end of my usual 6-8 lb. weight range fluctuation for quite a while now. 

So, today’s workouts were Start It Up followed by Slim & Limber for 45 min.  Nice, not too hard.  Start It Up is a nice way to ease into the program, and Slim & Limber is just a nice 15 min. post-workout stretch.  S&L isn’t mandatory on the rotation, but it’s suggested to be done at least once a week and ideally as often as possible.

I blogged about me doing this series today.  Check out the home page.

Okay, 1 out of 36 workouts on this workout down!

PM – I did Sarah Ivanhoe’s Candlelight Yoga this evening (40 min.).  Very nice.  Relaxing. Off to bed!

14th  (SI6: Week 1, Day 2) – This AM was SI6: Start It Up (30) followed by the standing segment from Tamilee’s Full Body Stretch (10).  I was sore this morning from Start It Up yesterday, but I hit the workout area again this morning!

15th (SI6: Week 1, Day 3) – I ended up taking a rest day today.  The day just kind of got away from me, and typically I take my weekly rest days on Saturdays or Sundays.  Guess this week it’s Saturday!

16th (SI6: Week 1, Day 4) – This afternoon I did Start It Up (30 min.) followed by one segment from Tamilee’s stretch video (20 min.). 

17th (SI6: Week 1, Day 5) – Back at it today with Start It Up (30 min.) followed by two segments from Tamilee’s stretch video.  SIU is getting pretty easy, so tomorrow I’m moving on to Ramp It Up.  The SI6 literature says that it’s not necessary to do SIU for the full first week.  Once it gets to be pretty do-able, you should move on to Ramp It Up.  Tomorrow’s the day. I’m feeling good and the initial soreness is gone.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

18th (SI6: Week 1, Day 6) – Uhh, tomorrow, which is today, brought the stomach flu!  Aacck!  No workout today for obvious reasons!

19th (SI6: Week 1, Day 7) – Back at it today.  Moved on to Ramp It Up.  A lot of the same stuff that was in Start It Up with a few new exercises, the addition of resistance tubing for upper body work, and some floor work for the lower body (like this!).  It’s also longer, at 50 min.  I didn’t find it a huge step up from SIU, although it certainly is a bit more of a challenge.

20th (SI6 Week 2, Day 1) – I hate that I didn’t start my rotation on a Monday and that I had an unplanned rest day on Tuesday due to illness.  Anyway, moving on . . . Ramp It Up (50 min.) again this morning.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have any DOMS (delayed on-set muscle soreness) from doing this workout yesterday. Hmmm.  Again, I don’t find this one overly hard, so I may move on to the third (and final) workout, Burn It Up sooner than I thought.  I do note that the floorwork segment is challenging.  It’s not that hard, per se, and it’s not that long, but after the 20 min. or so earlier in the workout spent on a lot of squat  and lunge variations, the legs are plenty pre-fatigued.  I’m not loving Debbie’s more traditional crunch-variation ab work.  It’s a longer segment in Ramp It Up, and I find it a bit redundant.  Do we really need to work the obliques in 4 or 5 different ways?  My neck and back don’t really appreciate the ab work either, so I’m modifying or skipping some of Debbie’s moves.

This evening I tried a stretch video a friend of mine sent me, Mirabai Holland’s Fabulous Forever Stretch.  It’s 40 min. of dynamic and static stretching, mostly dynamic. It was very nice.  She put some twists on many stretches I’ve done before.  With the dynamic stretches, it’s very “opening.”  Nice.

21st (SI6: Week 2, Day 2) – Well, folks, today I overslept.  Forgot to set the alarm.  Grrrr.  No morning workout for me.  BUT, I was a good girl and did today’s workout, Ramp It Up, this evening when I got home from work.  Today I tried using 8 and 5 lb. weights instead of the tubing. I wasn’t getting any soreness at all from the tubing, and my neck and shoulder area have been really tight and painful the past few days. I’m wondering if the tubing wasn’t aggravating my twingey neck.  I liked using the weights. Nice change. I may alternate between the weights and the tubing each time I do the workout just to keep my muscles guessing and to prevent over-training.   I’ve done 7 SI6 workouts; 29 to go!

22nd (SI6: Week 2, Day 3) – This morning was Ramp It Up again.  I skipped the 5 min. stretch and the end and did Slim & Limber instead, for 60 min. total.  I used weights instead of tubing again.  Am wondering if I’m not starting to display signs of my body’s usual adverse reaction to doing the same exercises frequently.  My neck and back have been bothering me a bit.  I hate the thought of bailing on this because I really am feeling stronger and like that I’m committed.  We’ll see.  It’s mostly my neck, which may not be the resistance tubing but rather all the crunch variations in Ramp It Up.  I’ve been doing different versions of some of the ab exercises to avoid putting pressure on my neck/shoulders/upper back.  Will continue to watch this.

23rd (SI6: Week 2, Day 4) – Weekly rest day.

24th (SI6: Week 2, Day 5) – Ramp It Up (50 min.); used tubing.  My fifth time with this one.  It’s getting very do-able.  I’ll probably do it two more times and then switch to Burn It Up.

This evening I was feeling poorly. My back and neck have really been bothering me, and I’m trying to figure out why.  Is it the repetitive nature of the workouts I’ve been doing?  Is it the hour or so I spend almost every night sitting in the chair knitting?  Time to start figuring it out.  So, this evening instead of sitting and knitting, I opted for some movement.  I decided to try Slim Series Express: Core Cardio Express, a 30-minute standing ab and cardio workout.  My back felt a bit better when I was done.  I know it’s not actually a SI6 workout, but I’m counting it as one just the same.

25th (SI6: Week 2, Day 6) – Today I cheated on Debbie (I’m counting last night’s Core Cardio Express toward my SI6 rotation, and I’m not feeling one bit bad about it!) with Tracy Anderson.  I did two of her YouTube mini trampoline workouts, adding my own cool down to make it 20 minutes of cardio, and then I did her 10-Minute webisode workout (toning for the glutes and abs).  I followed it with 5 minutes of stretching on my own. (Note: My back felt great this morning!  Was it not sitting and knitting last night?)

This evening I chilled a bit before bed with Namaste Yoga, Season 1, Flow 2, Sun-Moon.  Aahhh, a very nice way to spend 25 min.

26th (SI6: Week 2, Day 7) – This morning I moved on to Burn It Up.  Eh.  I have to say, I didn’t love this one.  It’s a big step up from Ramp It Up, IMO, and I didn’t care for the fast, non-stop pace.  Frankly, I’m getting tired of endless squats and lunges.  LOL!  I’ll cop to skipping the 5 minute ab section.  Debbie’s ab work leaves me kind of cold.  It’s nothing but mostly standard crunch variations, which bother my neck after awhile.  I think I’ll set this one aside for awhile and try some of the other Slim Series and Slim Series Express workouts.  Burn It Up is, honestly, just a bit more intense than I like in a workout.  Two weeks down!  Am wondering if I’ll make six weeks.  I’ll think I’ll be anxious to move onto a Tracy Anderson rotation within the next week or so.

27th (SI6/SS/SSX: Week 3, Day 1) – Well, two weeks down, and I’m still at it.  I’m thinking though that in another week or so I’ll be done and ready to move on (Tracy Anderson).  For today, though, I did Slim Series:  Shape It Up.  When I chose it, I didn’t realize that it was about 80-minutes long.  Yikes!  I didn’t have quite that kind of time, so I skipped the floor abs sections and then part of the final standing segment.  I did about 70 min. of it, which was enough.  Quite a tough and varied workout, although I liked it better than SI6: Burn It Up!  Shape It Up has more weight work (a huge variety of it, as a matter of fact), more floorwork and less standing lower body work like squats and lunges.  The pace is also a bit slower.  I used 3# weights for most of it, but I did go up to 5#s for the bicep and tricep work.  All in all, I liked it, but there’s no way I could do an 80-min. workout frequently.  My attention generally starts to wander between 45 and 60 minutes!

28th – Well, I’m a SI6 drop out.  My back finally reached it’s breaking point last night.  I’ve been stiff and sore for weeks, and over the last couple of days it’s morphed into outright pain.  Last night it was absolutely screaming.  I’ve got to make a change.  So, no SI6/SS/SSX workout today, just an hour of hooping.

29th – Guess what, no SI6/SS/SSX and no back pain!  It’s got to be the traditional standing work of squats and lunges, which are done often and repeatedly in the SS workouts.  I knew in the past those moves bothered me, but that was when I was doing them with weights. Apparently even no weight is too much.  So, today I again did 60 minutes of hooping. 

30th – This morning was 50 min. of hooping.  That’s all I’ll be doing for the next 7-10 days or so until I start my Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis rotation.  I’m actually glad for this turn of events.  It’ll allow me at least 45 min. every day to for sure get my hooping in!

31st – 60 min. of hooping.  My back is feeling great!


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