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Note:  I totally bailed on this at some point this summer.  I”m going to write it off for this year, and possibly attempt next year’s challenge, although I very rarely visit paperbackswap any more.  I kinda’ miss those HF girls! 

I’m taking on (for the third year in a row, mind you) the annual challenge at the Historical Fiction forum of  This year it’s quite complex.  Four challenges, with options to go for gold, silver or bronze medals (okay, they’re not real medals), and some achievement awards.  I’m not sure how it’ll play out, but for now my goal is to  go for SILVER, attempting all four challenges with some duplication.  As for achievements, I think I’ll go for Time Traveler, Around the World in 80 Days and possibly Over Achiever.  We’ll see. 

I never plan my books in advance as you know what they say about the best laid plans . . . . I just wing it.  I do, however, plan to start with the “It’s A Small World” challenge, going for the Around the World in 80 Days achievement award.  Meaning, I must complete the challenge in 80 days. 

I’ll keep track of my progress here. This is going to be fun!!


 Read one book from each of the following time period categories: 

Pre-500 BC

500 BC – 0 BC

0 AD – 500 AD

500 AD – 800 AD

800 AD – 1000 AD




1600’s/1700’sPeony In Love, Lisa See (completed 2/19/11)


1900 – 1960


Read one book set on each continent except Antartica.  The categories for this challenge are:

North America

South America


AsiaRasputin’s Daughter, Robert Alexander (completed 2/9/11)


Australia/Oceania – Morgan’s Run, Colleen McCullough (completed 2/1/11)

In order to achieve the “Around the World in 80 Days” achievement award for this category,  I need to read all six books in 80 days.  My deadline to finish is March 24, 2011.  Wish me luck! I’m going to need it.  Damn Morgan’s Run took 30 of the 80 days.  Grrrrr. And then I read TWO books for the Asia category and wasted 10 days of precious reading time! 


Pick any 8 of the following 12 categories:

1.  Deflowering – Michener or Plaidy???

2. Proud to Be An American –

3.  Historical HunksIs there any hope of a new Uhtred installment in 2011?  (Note to self:  must nag Cornwell.)

4. Wild Women –

5.  Follow the Leader – Trends come and go…and come…and go… Read a book in one of these recent trends:

  • Foreign HF translated into English
  • HF as “highbrow” literature
  • Books set in ancient Rome, Greece, or Egypt
  • The ever-popular Headless Lady on the Cover

6.  Shiny and New –

7. Recommended by a HF Forum Friend –

8.  In the Name of Love –

9.  This Means War – 

10. On This Day in History –

11. Play it Again Sam –

12. Hidden Gem – Read a book with 2 or less reviews on PBS and write a review for it. Good or bad, your opinion counts!


Choose any 6 HF books that are somehow related to each other.   They can be six Historical Mystery, six Historical Fantasy, six books by the same author or part of the same series, six books set in the same country, six books about the Tudors, six HF books already on your TBR … any way you can relate the 6 books will do!  Be creative!


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