The Expressive Creatrix (and Hobbyist)

I started hoopdancing April 30, 2010.  It’s been bliss ever since except, of course, for the occasional frustrations!  Idiscovered hooping through  People were talking about hula hooping for fitness.  Upon investigation, I discovered this was core hooping, usually on the waist, with a weighted hoop (from 2 to 7 pounds) doing some basic footwork patterns for variety.  It was touted as a cardio and core strengthening form of exercise. I was a bit intrigued, but the premise seemed a bit dull.  Just standing there, hula hooping on my waist for extended periods.  No videos, no instruction, nothing to entertain me. 

However, a YouTube search opened my eyes to the fact that hooping wasn’t just a form of exercise.  There was this wonderful thing called hoopdance, which involved much more than keeping the hoop rotating around the waist.  I watched video after video after video of some absolutely gorgeous, mind-blowing dancing and fancy tricks using the hoop.  I was infatuated!  I HAD to do this! 

Having always been a dancer at heart, this was perfect. I could dance, yet still have a partner to share the stage with.  I had something to manipulate.  All my life I’ve wanted to be really, really good at something, and this hoopdance screamed to me, “Hey, you can DO this.  THIS can be your thing!” 

I did some research and fortunately I had a birthday coming up.  When my parents asked me what I wanted for my 43rd birthday, I promptly sent them the link to one of the starter kits at Christabel “Hoop Girl” Zamor’s website, the Beginner Bundle.  Just a few days after my birthday, I had a brand new, shiny hoop, Hoop Girl’s book, Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program, and three DVDs (two instructional and one which was more of a “workout” without a lot of fancy tricks).  I took my hoop for a spin the very first day I got it!  After just a few tries, I found out I could do basic waist hooping!  Yea!

Since then I have learned and grown a lot.  I soon added through purchase or trade the first three Hoopnotica instructional videos and and older hoop/yoga video by Betty Hoops.  I discovered Hoop City, which is pretty much my favorite on-line hang out.  I signed up for the on-line classes offered by Hoop City creator and hoopdancer and teacher extraordinaire, Sandra “SaFire” Sommerville.  I’ve watched thousands of on-line preformance and instructional videos at Hoop City, YouTube, Vimeo and at the many, many hooping sites out there.  I’ve acquired a lot of hoops (they end up being kind of an addiction, and as you improve, you generally move to smaller, lighter hoops), and in November of 2010, I started working with mini hoops.

It’s been a wondeful journey so far!  Yes, there is frustration, yes there are times when I feel like I’m really bad at it and that I’m not progressing, but those times pass, and the fun I have and the peace and enjoyment I get from the hoop far outweigh any not-so-great moments I have with hooping.  It’s a process.  It’s ebb and flow.  It’s a wonderful thing!

Keep track of my hoop journey here through my practice journal, blog posts, photos, videos and more!


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