The Expressive Creatrix (and Hobbyist)

So, you know nothing about hoopdance?  Check out these videos to see what takes my breath away and what inspires me to keep on spinning –

These first two videos are from Sandra “SaFire” Sommerville, my hoop teacher!  Well, I’m only in a virtual class, but I feel as if I know her.  She is wonderful about giving hands on attention and feedback.  Sandra is such a versatile hooper.  I’d describe her style generally as “playful,” but she can rock it out, slow it down, and do just about anything with the hoop.  She is incredibly talented. 

The first video is Sandra’s “Hoop Manifesto” on her hoop journey.  It’ll inspire you even if you’re not hooper!  Love the process – no matter what your process is!

Love the Process by Sandra “SaFire” Sommerville.

The second is some beautiful, graceful, slower vibe hooping from Sandra.

SaFire in the Sun by Sandra “SaFire” Sommerville.

If you love Sandra, make sure to check out her many, many other videos!

Another big inspiration to me is Miss Rosie.  When I grow up as a hooper, I want to be Miss Rosie!  Her style is what I feel mine could be once I develop it.  She infuses a lot of dance into her hooping while doing some really great tricks.  The thing I love about Miss Rosie, is that she keeps a good balance between dancing and doing tricks.  She is truly one with her hoop, and I find her completely beautiful and amazing.

Miss Rosie With Beats Antique at Burning Man 2009.

Miss Rosie Lights It Up.

Here are some other random hoop videos that mesmerize me.  Enjoy!

The Best Hooping Video You’ve Never Seen.  This girl has such an incredible flow.  

Christabel “Hoop Girl” Zamor.  Here’s an example of Christabel’s very playful style.  She doesn’t take herself too seriously in the hoop, and I love her for it.  Her smile and the radiance she projects while hooping is also amazing and wonderful.

Dream.  I don’t know who this random girl is, but she is a gorgeous hooper.  I think this is the first video (after Christabel’s) that I favorited at YouTube.  She is so one with her hoop.

Bloomin’ Hoopin’.  Amanda here is a very trick-heavy hooper, but she does it soooooo well.  Plus, she’s got a really spunky, happy attitude that I find so nice.  If I ever meet Amanda in person, I’m going to hug her.  Totally.

Mini hoops are my newest adventure. I started working with them in November of 2010. I someday dream of being as talented as these two hoopers!

Pink Moon.  This is Rich Porter, a completely amazing guy hooper.  I don’t know that there’s anyone out there who manipulates those mini hoops better.

Cari – Inspirations. Okay, I want to be Miss Rosie whenI grow up with the regular hoop, but I want to be Cari with the minis when I grow up.  Fantastic – that’s the only word to describe it.

Hope you enjoyed some awesome hoopin’!  Whether or not you’re a hooper, there’s certainly something to appreciate in all of these gorgeous hoopers.


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