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This month I’ve decided to join the HoopDANCER’s monthly goal thread.  Here’s my post, copied and pasted from Hoop City –

I think I’ll play this month.  I haven’t been very active on HC this month. I’m not sure why.  I’m still hooping.  Just haven’t felt very social, I guess.  However, I do need a bit of a push to get me more focused.  I’ve been doing pretty well in that regard by taking things slowly and really focusing on specific moves rather than just randomly “flowing” during my practice sessions.  This past month I specifically worked on backwards and forwards weaves (with variations like turns, jump throughs, etc.), floating and the breaks and reversals moves I’ve learned from Sandra’s class.  (BTW, I am LOVING breaks & reversals.  As Sandra promised, they add a whole new dimension to hooping, and they have really helped me.)  I’ve also been continuing my work with minis.  I got most of the myriad of turns down, gotten my planes a bit more under control and smoothed out my chase weaves, but two things have really stalled me out – the 3BW and the reel turns. For February, I am going to set a “regular” hoop goal and a minis goal.

My “regular” hoop goal is going to be two-fold –

     1.  Be able to do 5 continuous vortex jump throughs 10 continuous regular jump throughs (from over the head in halo).

     2.  Be able to do 5 good across-the-chest passes in each direction (right to left and left to right).

I’ve been working on both the jump throughs and the across-the-chest pass, but I struggle with them (especially the pass), so I often find myself practicing for just a bit, getting frustrated and moving on to something else.  Perhaps these specific goals will prompt me to work on things with a bit more dedication and diligence.

My minis goal is also two-fold –

     1.  To do a smooth forwards 3-beat weave.

                   2.  Learn the low reel turn.

So, those are my goals.  Wish me luck!

1st – This morning was 50 min. of hooping with the regular hoop.  The usual, breaks, reversals, weaving, jump throughs, vortex, floating.  I have mirrors now in my hoop room, and I’m not sure I like them.  They are somewhat distracting!  Hmmm.

3rd – An hour this morning – 30 min. with the minis and 30 with the regular hoop.  My minis have betrayed me.  Maybe it’s my diet (that I just started two days ago) or maybe it’s PMS rage, but I am getting really ticked at those things.  Why can I NOT get the 3BW?  Why?????  Very frustrating.  The low reel turn is also my nemesis.  Sigh.  Things went a bit better with my regular hoop.  I’m able to do 5 vortex jump throughs consecutively but not with a lot of speed in both directions.  I didn’t work on the regular jump throughs.

This evening I spent another 20 min. with the minis, and learned a few new things!  Well, basically just turning with the forwards and backwards weave.  I don’t have it down yet, but I do have it with just one hand, and I can do it with both hands, but I can’t go immediately back into weaving once I turn.  Still, I was happy with what I picked up in a short time.  Also, worked on the 3BW.  My left hand is still being wonky.  Sigh.

I also learned the Vortex Break from Sandra’s Breaks & Reversals class.  Yeah.  Fun stuff!  I do it well with my right hand, not so well with the left.  Gotta’ get that left hand/wrist stronger!

4th – This morning following a 25-minute yoga session, I worked with my minis for 25 minutes.  The turning with the chase weave is coming. I can do it with both hands, I just can’t go immediately into the reverse direction weave after the turn.  Progress!  3BW?  Yeah, still working on it.  I realize what the problem is.  It’s the surface switching with my left hand.  Must. Get. This. Straightened. Out. The low reel turn still eludes me.  It may be time to post a video plea for help and see if Pam at Hoop Dee Doo can troubleshoot me!

6th – 80 min. of hooping this morning (60 regular; 20 minis).  So nice.  Unfortunately, now I have no time to detail my thoughts!  They probably weren’t all that important anyway!

7th – 75 min. today; 35 with the minis and 40 with the regular hoop.  A nice, easy practice session.  TTOTM had me a bit low energy, and I didn’t feel like working a whole lot on more strenuous stuff like jump throughs.  I did, however, work on them a bit.  My goal of 5 consecutive vortex jump throughs is coming along. I can do five in a row (to the left), but not at any great speed and my feet sometimes still get tangled up in the hoop.  It’s coming, though.  I worked on the across-the-chest pass quite a bit today.  I was thinking I wasn’t doing it well, but a check of the tutorial and demonstration on one of Hoop Girl’s videos and a few minutes of filming myself doing it, showed me that yes, I am actually doing it quite well, and I can do five in a row for sure going from right to left and sometimes left to right.  Left to right needs a bit more work.  So, I’m pretty happy that that goal is pretty much made!  I also started working in earnest on isolations on Saturday. I was hoping to get to those as well during today’s session, but I ran out of time.  I discovered it’s good to practice the two-handed inside isolation with my heavier, bigger Energy hoop from Hoop Girl.  I think this will help me strengthen the muscles required (especially on my left side), and when going up to a faster speed, the heavier hoop rotates much more smoothly.  I plan to try to work on both sides at least 5 min. a day.  I think the shoulder strengthening will be excellent and help to really improve on moving the hoop without wobble, especially with transitions.

Moving onto the minis, I have made progress! I have the 3BW down!  Sure it needs some smoothing out, and I’m pretty shaky with it when I first start it (until I get into the groove), but I can definitely do it!  Yea!  Another goal met.  I worked on turns, and in particular on the turns with weaving.  I may replace my goal of getting the low reel turn with a goal of getting the weave turns this month.  I am catching on to them much more quickly. I can actually do the turns, it’s the going right into the opposite direction weave that’s giving me some trouble.  It’s good though.  Great practice session today.  My hoops really energized me.

8th – This morning I spent 45 min. with the hoops.  I worked with the minis for about 30 min., practicing turns, 3BW (which is getting better with every practice session) and turning with weaving.  I practiced isolations with my big, heavy Energy hoop.  The isolations seem not-so-great, but I’m hoping that I’m strengthening my wrists, arms and shoulders.  Spinning the minis in the morning is always a nice way for me to start the day!

9th – Back to some mini action this evening.  I practiced my 3BW, which is coming along so well.  I love this trick!  I also worked on my turns with weaving, and I figured out (with the help of Sandra’s tutorial) how to go from forwards weave right into the backwards weave after the turn (turning to my right).  Yea!  I can turn from backwards weave to the right again, but with this one I can’t yet go directly into the forwards weave. I’m confident, though, that I’ll have it after the next practice session or two.  Forty minutes of mini bliss!  I also spent 5 min. working on isos with the big hoop.  Isos are not my favorite because I find them difficult, but I made a silent promise to myself the other day to spend at least 5 min. a day working on them.  Five minutes certainly isn’t a lot, but it’s something and even a little something will lead to improvement.

11th – I hooped for 40 min., but I can’t recall what I did!  Should’ve journaled right away!

12th – An hour in the hoop today, mostly with the regular hoop practicing all the usuals, vortex jump throughs (I’m getting pretty good at doing 5 in a row but I’m not perfect every time – going to the left is better than going to the right), weaving, across-the-chest pass, floating, breaks and reversals, etc.  I tried to use my travel hoop as much as possible today.  It feels so much different than my regular hoop, although it’s about the same size.  The travel hoop is 3/4″ tubing and it feels heavier and clunkier.  It’s a break-apart, so I feel some instability and hear some rattling when I work with it.  It’s not a bad hoop, I just think that’s the nature of them.  I much prefer the regular hoop, but I plan to bring my travel hoop when we go to Arizona next month, and I want to be proficient with it.  I do okay, but some things feel awkward and can be more difficult. I figured out a cool new move – forwards weave in front and behind and then a jump through as the hoop comes down across the front.  It’s cool because the hoop is at a vertical angle when I jump through.  The ending lends it self well to a break or going right into a half-revolving door onto the body.  Cool!

13th – 30 min. monkeying around. I watched the tutorials from Budding One and practiced behind the neck passes, the duck in and the eagle.  I actually made progress with all three!  The eagle needs a lot of work, but I’m at least getting the initial rolling of the hoop across the arm and back.  The placement is a bit off, the hoop isn’t always rolling across the opposite arm, and I can’t really ever catch it, LOL, but it’s starting to come.

14th– 60 min. with the regular hoop this afternoon.  Wow, what a great session!  See my post of February 15 for details.

16th – This evening I spent 25 min. with the regular hoop.  Mostly working on body rolls.  For whatever reason, they’re what I wanted to do tonight.  Played around with a few other things, but I was tired.  A quickie shortly before bed was all I needed!  😉

21st – Aack!  I’ve been seriously re-miss with my hooping!  I HAVE hooped since I last posted about it, but not a lot, and unfortunately I can’t remember exactly when or what I did.  Today, though I had a great hour and a half with the minis!  Am working on some new tricks from Pam at Hoop Dee Doo – the Crossover Turn (have this down pretty well turning to the left), the Split Weave (it’s coming but I’m not close to proficient yet) and a turn into a front/back reel or windmill.  This last one is tricky!  I can get each hand individually but together I can’t even come close!  More stuff to to work on! I also am getting pretty good at the forwards weave turning into backwards weave (turning to the right) and just tonight I got turning back again (to the right) going from backwards into forwards weaving.  Yea!!

22nd – Just a short practice session this evening. I opted to spend 40 min. of my free time doing some yoga instead, which I really needed. I did get in 15 min. with the minis and 10 min. with the regular hoop though, in the later evening.

24th – I spent 30 min. with the regular hoop tonight, although I did spin the minis for a few minutes at the end.  I didn’t really practice anything special, just worked on some free flow trying to use the moves I’ve been working on lately.  I’m going to Arizona in 2 weeks, so I’m trying to use my travel hoop more.  It’s tough because I don’t like it as well as my regular hoop (it’s a bit smaller in diameter, but it’s a bit heavier and clunkier than my main hoop), but I need to get adept with it.  I don’t want to spend any hoop time in AZ on my sister-in-law’s patio by her pool looking at the mesas being frustrated!


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