The Expressive Creatrix (and Hobbyist)

Another month.  Goals to follow shortly –

1st – I hooped for about 35 min. with the regular hoop and 5 with the minis this evening. I’m in a PMS-induced funk, so things weren’t really flowing.  No biggie.  It’s a temporary lull.

3rd – Attempted 20 min. with my regular hoop, but again, the flow wasn’t there. I’m attributing this funk to being distracted by other things  – busy at work, feeling frazzled with life in general (feeling like there’s “no time” to hoop), PMS-ing (this will often put me in a funk even with things I LOVE like hooping), my Tracy Anderson rotation (which is why I don’t hoop in the mornings anymore), and pre-occupation with my upcoming trip to Arizona.  The love will return – hopefully next week when I’m able to hoop by my sister-in-law’s pool and on the mesas!  So looking forward to that!  I need to work with my travel hoop this week for practice – it’s slightly smaller in diameter, and a bit heavier and clunkier than my regular hoop. I need to get used to it.


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